Carpal tunnel braces

There are literally Hundreds if not thousands of different kinds of carpal tunnel braces and wrist splints on the market today. I have selected what I feel are the Best of the Best from real medical suppliers. These are not the kind of carpal tunnel braces you will find at Wal-mart or other chain stores.

These are the same type of carpal tunnel braces that many orthopedic offices use, but costing half of what they charge.

I look at it this way...
In that One of the most important aspects of any carpal tunnel treatment plan will or should include the use of a good wrist brace or splint. Since we have access to hundreds of medical suppliers we can typically beat any price you can find for the same exact wrist splint. Some patients will buy the cheapest wrist brace they can find, but then later regret it when the stitching comes undone, or the splint material digs into their skin...they then end up having to buy another one anyway.

Often for the same price as cheaper models that you might find locally, you can get a more comfortable, higher quality wrist brace or splint from us...Again, just like the Doctors use!

FLA Orthopedic Wrist Braces are used by many hospitals and physician's offices. Orthopedic surgeons and Physical Therapists recommend them to their patients. If you want a professional grade wrist or thumb brace visit the
FLA-Orthopedics Store

Night-time splinting is recommended by orthopedic doctors and physical therapists alike for carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers. Don't settle for cheap imitations. Use what doctors use and buy for their own families.
Night-time Splint Store

Cutting-Edge Carpal tunnel braces are braces you may not have seen or heard about before. In general, they are less bulky than traditional wrist braces and often have a unique style or design to them which many people prefer.
Cutting-Edge Wrist Braces

Thermoskin Thermal Supports are great for patients who have arthritis or cold and stiff joints as these supports utilize the exclusive patented Trioxon® lining that is clinically proven to capture your natural body heat. Unlike other products, Trioxon allows your skin to ventilate and remain comfortably dry even with long-term use. Visit our
Thermoskin Wrist Support Store Imak Pil-O-Splint Rest and night splinting remain the #1 doctor-recommended conservative treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The patented Pil-O-Splint was rated to be the most effective nighttime splint for the treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. IMAK also has many other hand, arthritis and ergonomic products. Visit our
IMAK Orthopedic Products Store

Ergodyne is a name that is known and trusted by workers in the trades. Electricians, plumbers, mechanics, construction workers and other skilled trades who depend on their hands for a living, don't trust their hands and wrists to just any product. See why most of them choose Ergodyne.
Ergodyne Glove and Wrist Store

Carpal tunnel Store
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