Recovery from
carpal tunnel surgery

I have found that the recovery from carpal tunnel surgery can vary greatly from patient to patient. Over the many years of treating patients this has been proven to be true time and time again....And I guess that's to be expected because we are all different shapes and sizes! We all have different thresholds for pain; we all have different expectations about things before and after the surgery.

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Hopefully, this article "Recovery from carpal tunnel surgery" will give you some insights into the different aspects of recovery after having
Carpal tunnel surgery

Also keep in mind that the many different causes of carpal tunnel syndrome can effect your Recovery form Carpal tunnel surgery (i.e. If you have diabetes, hypothyroidism etc...these conditions need to be treated and brought under control so that it won't delay your healing time from surgery)

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If you have fears about the surgery, or the recovery period that's normal. It is often just due to the lack of knowledge about the subject. Once the person finds out all what's going on, then they typically feel better about the whole situation.

Open carpal tunnel surgery scar

Open carpal tunnel surgery scar This is about 4-6 weeks after the surgery. The scar is still in the process of healing. The area will still be somewhat tender to the touch, but I recommend rubbing the scar area with your good thumb from the other hand with a high quality
skin scar gel or cream product. The Physical Therapists call this a "friction massage". It helps the area become less tender and also prevents scar tissue forming (underneath the skin).

Recovery time from carpal tunnel surgery can be AFFECTED by many things. This is not a complete list but these are some of the things I see most often in my practice that can delay your carpal tunnel surgery recovery time.

*How severe was your carpal tunnel syndrome before surgery?

*How long did it go untreated?

*What kind of Non-surgical treatments did you do, if any? and for how long?

*Do you have any of the RISK FACTORS or MEDICAL CONDITIONS we talked about in Carpal tunnel Causes? *Do you know the cause of your carpal tunnel syndrome?

*Do you, or have you had other wrist problems or wrist abnormalities?

*Do you smoke?

*Do you have a job or hobby that requires repetitive hand or finger movements?

*Do you have a work comp case?

*Do you have a lawyer?

*Are you being pressured by your boss or work situation?

All of these things can play a part into your recovery time after carpal tunnel surgery. You may have only one or two of them, or you might have more. It is best to be honest with yourself and your doctor and your employer (if it's work-related) So that everybody can work together as a team so that you can recover as quick as possible.

This website addresses all of these issues and more. The goal of this site is to empower you with knowledge so your recovery from carpal tunnel surgery will go smoothly.

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