Carpal tunnel surgery
Recovery at Home

Carpal tunnel surgery recovery at home TIP # 1 Before you start your recovery at home, you need to get home safely, so make plans to have someone drive you home. The hospital or same day surgery center should give you discharge instructions about specific wound care measures. They should also give you information about driving, your expected activity level [RESTRICTIONS] how and when to take your pain medication.

Carpal tunnel surgery recovery at home TIP # 2

As mentioned in Recovery time from Carpal tunnel surgery you will have some pain and swelling about the palm and wrist area. Some of my patients describe it as a "tight feeling". The pain is most intense during the first few days, but it should gradually decrease over the next 1 to 2 weeks. If needed, take your pain medicine as directed. If you continue to have intense pain. See Surgery Complications and call your surgeon to see if you need to come in for an evaluation.

Carpal tunnel surgery recovery at home TIP # 3 You can do some simple things at home to help relieve some of your after surgery pain and symptoms. Try to make sure that during the day, or while seated that you use Ice and Heat Wrist Wraps to reduce the pain and swelling. Also while watching T.V or whatever, try and elevate your hand above your heart level by using several large pillows. Definitley don't just let it hang down off the side of the chair!

When sleeping try and do the same thing, some patients sleep in a recliner the first night or two, others prop their arm up with pillows while in bed. Some patients report excellent relief with a comfortable Night Splint resting on pillows. It may take you a while to get comfortable, and don't forget to take your pain medicine if you need to!

Many patients ask me about their scar and how noticeable it will be etc..they also want to know what kind if any lotion they can use. I recommend they use a good skin scar gel or cream product that is made especially for reducing scar formations.

Carpal tunnel surgery recovery at home TIP # 4

Your First follow-up visit with your hand surgeon or Physician Assistant will be in 1 or 2 weeks after your surgery. If you have some of the RISK FACTORS or MEDICAL CONDITIONS we have talked about in
Carpal tunnel syndrome Causes , or had a rather complicated case, they may want to see you sooner and more often.

But usually on the first follow-up visit the stitches will be removed and they will see how things are going. For instance, do you have good color in your fingers?, good skin temperature?, is the numbness and tingling better?, does the incision look good etc...

Depending on your doctor's preference and whether you are trying to return to work or some other type of activity. He may recommend some kind of wrist support for the first few weeks. This generally is not to be worn all the time, but less and less as the days or weeks go on.

More hand activities will gradually be allowed at 4 to 6 weeks. However, it's important from almost the first week after surgery to move your fingers a little each day. Physical therapist typically recommend putty or sponge balls after the first week.
Your carpal tunnel surgery recovery at home is very important to your overall outcome. Please take it seriously so you can get better and move on with your life!

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