Carpal tunnel syndrome causes
can be from many things...

Some of the carpal tunnel syndrome causes regarding (carpal tunnel syndrome) can be quite controversial at times, depending on who you listen to! For many patients the cause of their carpal tunnel syndrome is unknown, while others feel it is due to repetitive hand activities at work or play. This article, Carpal tunnel prevention advice from experts, looks at a study that was done by ergonomic engineers, which showed how if the wrist is bent back or down too far, it can increase the pressure within the carpal tunnel area.

As we've talked about earlier in Anatomy of the carpal tunnel
ANY CONDITION that makes the carpal tunnel area smaller (i.e. born with a small carpal tunnel, arthritis, wrist fracture etc..) or if a condition makes the things (i.e. tendons, tissues) inside the carpal tunnel larger (by inflammation or swelling).... all these things can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome as more pressure is put on the Median Nerve.


Many patients are surprised to learn that several common conditions can cause or at least be a RISK FACTOR for getting carpal tunnel syndrome. These include; PREGNANCY, OBESITY, HYPOTHYROIDISM DIABETES, ARTHRITIS WRIST FRACTURES [OR PAST INJURY TO THE WRIST].

We also know that genetics can play a role in who gets and who doesn't get carpal tunnel syndrome. From XRAYS and MRI studies we now know that some people are just born with smaller carpal tunnels than others, so they may get CTS quicker or easier than someone else.

Check out this article on the
latest work-related carpal tunnel syndrome statistics Can genetics play a role in carpal tunnel?

Also the SHAPE AND DIMENSION of your wrist may put you at RISK for getting carpal tunnel syndrome. Learn about the wrist exam that MOST DOCTORS DON'T KNOW ABOUT SQUARE WRIST SIGN

Since the causes of carpal tunnel syndrome can be due to multiple factors including medical conditions, it is important to talk with your Healthcare provider about your overall health and wellness status to see if you have any of these diagnoses or risk factors-so you can be treated appropriately and most importantly GET BETTER so you can move on with your life!

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