Hand exercises
that Doctors recommend

These hand exercises and products are what Doctors and physical therapist recommend along with the nerve and tendon glide exercises that we have already discussed, these will help keep your tendons and nerves gliding freely within your carpal tunnel.

If you have a flared-up case of severe carpal tunnel syndrome, then you typically don't need to do these type of hand exercise products. With the exception of the Chattanooga hand stretcher. This device is great to help those tight tendons of yours to be stretched just the right amount. Remember, You may want to discuss a specific hand regimen with your provider based on the specifics of your case.

If you are going to be doing hand intensive work and you want to build up your hand, wrist and finger strength and stamina..then these products are what you need. Use these hand exercises as a work condition type of program where you gradually build up your strength. Hopefully, it may prevent you from getting carpal tunnel syndrome.

Some patients use these exercises as a type of a carpal tunnel exercise...they don't over do it...but do them 3 x week...just like you do with a fitness program.

Some of the putty's and sponge balls are what Physical Therapist recommend after carpal tunnel surgery. Unfortunately, some surgeons don't do a great job of telling the patient what to do AFTER carpal tunnel surgery..but usually gradual use of the hand and fingers is advised. Again, you don't need to over do it...but you can increase your hand activity as tolerated and these hand exercises and products will help you do just that...

So you can get better and Move on with your Life!

Other Hand exercises for carpal tunnel

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