Carpal tunnel mouse part 1

A carpal tunnel mouse is a specific type of computer mouse that has ergonomic features that may reduce your carpal tunnel symptoms from excessive mouse use! While it may be controversial whether computer use "causes" carpal tunnel syndrome, many feel it can certainly aggravate it.

There are several different kinds of ergonomic mouses available on the market today. Sometimes carpal tunnel type mouses are called a Zero tension mouse or a trackball mouse. This article will talk about the Zero tension mouse.

It looks like a joystick and people wanting carpal tunnel relief will find this device can help! Here are the most popular models in use today
3M Ergonomic Optical Mouse
You grab the device with your hand so that it keeps the elbow at a 90 degree angle...depending on your computer/desk height. Placing your hand around the device, much like holding a glass, causes the hand to be in more of a natural posture than with a regular mouse. The grip of this special mouse allows your hand to be in a comfortable non-stressed position. The standard buttons are located is such a way that your thumb can reach and control them without discomfort. Your index and middle finger will be able to easily operate the scroll wheel, more like a traditional wheel.

One disadvantage of the Zero tension mouse is it currently only comes in a right-handed model. Hopefully, they will make a left-handed model soon. There is a large transparent blue model and a medium black model.

Like most things new, it may take some getting use to. But remember it was designed to give sufferers carpal tunnel relief and not win a beauty contest!

Hopefully with this new type of carpal tunnel mouse and other things we have talked about on you will be rid of your carpal tunnel symptoms.

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