Carpal tunnel mouse part 3

Read a carpal tunnel mouse consumer review from Susan Antonelli on the logitech trackball and logitech cordless trackball. These are two carpal tunnel designed mouses that many people like using.

I was fairly new at the computer world when hubby and I were garage sailing not so long ago. I spotted a strange looking mouse, new in it's package for only $5.00 It had a red ball in the center. It was a Logitech 90430-0403. I grabbed it and ran it over to show it to hubby and he said ."For $5.00 we might as well try it". It was still new in the original blister pac so hubby got it home, unpacked and installed it. I loved it. I had no trouble adjusting to this new version of a mouse. I found it so much easier to use than the regular mouse that I had started out with. This roller ball design gave me a comfort zone for my hand instead of making me use my entire arm and wrist. I'm prone to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome so this problem was alleviated using this mouse design. I can rest my arm and hand while working the ball. I use my pointer finger to move the ball and I needn't move my arm. It requires little or no manipulation. Next to the ball are the right and left click buttons. I had no trouble getting used to this version, after a few minutes I was quite comfortable.

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Now for my review!

I have found that in general patients like these newer ergonomic type mouses. You can also add some rather low cost items to your computer work station that can really make a difference in your hand and arm symptoms. Things like gel and paddes wrist rests, ergonomic mouse pads,

click here for more cheap ergo fixes. Either way if you do get a carpal tunnel mouse, or some of the other ergo products don't give up on them too early! Many people are getting good carpal tunnel relief with these ergonomic products and it is helping reduce their carpal tunnel symptoms.

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