Carpal tunnel a quick overview

What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

When people refer to carpal tunnel they really mean carpal tunnel syndrome. This website is packed with NO-HYPE straight forward information about carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)

...but if you don't have time to look through the whole site right now, that's okay. This page will give you a quick summary about CTS.
Carpal tunnel syndrome explanation

CTS is probably the most common nerve disorder around today. The carpal tunnel is located at the wrist on the palm side of the hand just beneath the skin surface. Three sides of the tunnel are made up of 8 small wrist bones, with the remaining side or top of the tunnel made up of a ligament. The median nerve travels through this tunnel area along with other tendons and nerves. If the structures in or around this nerve get inflamed and swollen then it can put pressure on the median nerve which over time, may give you carpal tunnel syndrome.
Carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms

Some or all of your first 3 fingers and maybe your thumb can feel numb. You may have "pins and needles" feelings. It may feel like your fingers are going to sleep. Your hand may ache. You might have burning or prickling feelings in your arm. You may drop things. Your carpal tunnel symptoms are likely to be worse at night.
Carpal tunnel test

Your provider should be able to test you to see if you have carpal tunnel or not..this should include an exam and taking your medical history and asking about your carpal tunnel symptoms. You also may need to have special tests performed on your arms and hands like a nerve conduction study or an EMG.
Carpal tunnel treatment

A majority of people will get carpal tunnel relief with non-surgical means or conservative treatment. Which basically means everything short of surgery. Carpal tunnel treatments may include things like carpal tunnel braces, carpal tunnel splints, carpal tunnel exercises night splints carpal tunnel therapy, and ice wraps for the wrist...along with things like medicines and pain relieving creams and gels and even cortisone injections. If you have been diagnosed correctly as having carpal tunnel syndrome and after 3-6 months of conservative treatment without getting any carpal tunnel pain relief, you should consider carpal tunnel surgery AKA carpal tunnel release surgery.

Carpal tunnel surgery

There are basically 2 types of carpal tunnel surgeries with variations in each group. The open or traditional method and the endoscopic or minimally invasive procedure. During the surgery the surgeon cuts the band or ligament that forms the top part of the carpal tunnel. This helps relieve the pressure away form the median nerve
Carpal tunnel surgery recovery

After surgery you should have some expected soreness around the incision and palm area. However, with each passing week this should get better along with your original numbness and tingling feelings.

So that's the quick and easy version of CTS!!

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