Find an orthopedic doctor

The Find an orthopedic doctor feature is brought to you by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, (AAOS). It is really one of the best ways to find a board certified orthopedic surgeon in your area. Of course you still need to do your homework and ask friends, family etc...if they know of a good orthopedic surgeon, but this page will at least let you search your area or city and it usually brings up multiple names.

Find an orthopedic doctor in your area

Another link I think you will find helpful is What is a hand surgeon?.

I would highly recommend that you read this article. It briefly goes into some important facts you should know and it will also give you some talking points that you can discuss with your surgeon.

Hopefully, these links will help you IF the time comes in where you find yourself needing further treatment and or carpal tunnel surgery.

My patients over the years always ask the same 2 questions...
How and where can I find a good orthopedic doctor?..YOU now have one of the best resources available..right at your fingertips!!

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