Steph's carpal tunnel diary
with pictures of
carpal tunnel syndrome

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by darkeyedredhead

Click picture to see all of Steph's carpal tunnel pictures.

Pictures of carpal tunnel syndrome usually mean pictures of carpal tunnel surgery or pictures AFTER carpal tunnel surgery.

We need to keep in mind that everybody's case is different eventhough the "same diagnosis" is made of carpal tunnel syndrome. Each patients medical history is different, each set of risk factors can be the type of carpal tunnel surgery a patient gets can be different as well as their surgery recovery period. These pictures of carpal tunnel surgery are for sharing what the experience MAY be like for that particular patient and not necessarily for comparison sakes.

She had the bilateral (OPEN) carpal tunnel surgery procedure

Make sure you look at the carpal tunnel surgery video page as well. There is a lot of good information that you can review. I spent hours upon hours looking at many different carpal tunnel surgery video tapes and selected the best ones for my site.

Recovery from carpal tunnel surgery
Recovery TIME from ssurgery
Recovery at home

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