Carpal tunnel syndrome cure?

Is there a carpal tunnel syndrome cure out there somewhere?

Well I guess it depends on how you define "cure". Websters defines it this way, "to restore to health, or to get rid of a disease or troublesome condition."

I think most doctors and other healthcare providers would be reluctant to say that there is an actual cure for carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).

Now, there is no doubt that most people can and will get almost complete relief of their carpal tunnel symptoms by using the things we have talked about on this site...from Non-surgical treatments to Carpal tunnel surgery. But can I say that those symptoms won't ever return? No of course not! I've been very careful NOT to say there is an absolute 100% cure out there. I told you from the begining that I want this to be a reliable, informative website for carpal tunnel sufferers.

(side note)-There may be times that google sells ad space on my pages by sites who pay for advertising, I can not control those other websites and what they do or say, you will have to be the judge. I do not pay for advertising)

The reason or reasons why I don't think you can really say there is a
carpal tunnel syndrome cure , is because CTS can be caused by so many different things. Diabetes, pregnancy, arthritis and repetitive use just to name a few.

About the best way I can put it, and what I tell my patients, is that most people will get relief at sometime from your carpal tunnel symptoms, either from the simple Carpal tunnel exercises and treatments we have talked about...all the way to carpal tunnel surgery.

And hopefully your symptoms won't ever come back or not as bad if they do, but No ONE CAN guarantee you that you're cured forever! IF they do you need to RUN and RUN fast!... Just like the common cold-there's no cure for it either, but it is very treatable, and so is your carpal tunnel syndrome!

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