Carpal tunnel
Causes and Controversy

The "Carpal tunnel causes and controversy" will be discussed throughout this website, and as stated earlier in Carpal tunnel syndrome Causes, Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) can be a combination of multiple there is not ONE clear cut cause.

The lawyers who usually represent employees in carpal tunnel work comp cases, would like you to believe that every single case of CTS is work related and that the patient (employee) should be compensated, LESS their 20-30% fee of course. They try to establish that the employee did not have carpal tunnel syndrome BEFORE being employed at a particular company, but now he does, and it's due to his work exposure. This scenerio occurs in assembly-line type occupations...from meat packers and auto workers to data processors, office workers, cashiers and day laborers.

The carpal tunnel causes and controversy arises in that "everyday people" who DON'T use their hands in a repetitive fashion also Can and Do get carpal tunnel syndrome as well. Although some studies have shown that people in occupations and sports/hobbies where highly repetitive hand activities exist, do seem to have a higher incident rate of carpal tunnel syndrome.

The company lawyers on the other hand (PUN intended!) point to an aging workforce, the RISK FACTORS and MEDICAL CONDITIONS we have talked about, that can contribute to CTS. They also point out all the other NON-WORK RELATED hand activities one may do before and after work.(i.e. Tennis,guitar playing, knitting,riding a Harley! etc...)

Based on my experience, rarely do I ever see patients in their 20's or 30's get carpal tunnel syndrome from work exposure. Most of my patients are between 45-65 years old.

Makers of ergonomic products, keyboards and prevention programs etc..want you to believe that CTS is caused soley by repetitive hand motions or bad postures...and sometimes that is the case, but you should not over look possible pre-existing medical conditions that can also contribute to you getting carpal tunnel syndrome. Regardless of what caused your CTS many of these products do help relieve many of my patient's carpal tunnel symptoms.

"The Carpal tunnel causes and controversy" will continue to be debated in the courts as well as in the medical journals for sometime to come. I try to tell patients to focus on getting diagnosed and treated first, don't delay treatment by trying to figure out how you got carpal tunnel can always do that later.

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