Carpal tunnel mouse Part 2

Another type of carpal tunnel mouse that is gaining popularity is the trackball type of mouse. This is also considered an "ergonomic mouse".

This is more like a regular mouse (compared to the Zero tension mouse) but you move the big red ball instead of the whole mouse. This allows you to use your fingers or thumb to move the cursor instead of your whole hand. This helps relieve carpal tunnel symptoms by reducing stress on your whole hand and wrist. I have found that people either love or hate these types of carpal tunnel mouses.

The Logitech trackball design is probably the most popular brand.

They have two models, a corded and a cordless model. The ball of the logitech trackball does move smoothly and effortlessly across the pad. It also can be removed for cleaning.

I can pry my ball out quite easily and wipe it down and pop it back in..try that with a traditional mouse!!
You can spot this type of carpal tunnel designed mouse at a store because it is the one with a big red ball in the center of it. It has a right clicker button and a small scroll button on either side of the center, so it can be used by either a left or right handed person. The cost is about $15-$25 for the corded model and about $50 for the cordless model (which has batteries). With gas prices what they are, shopping on-line makes more sense than ever!

If you try one of these out...give it time, they take a little getting use to..but once you do, I don't think you will go back to a regular mouse.

Hopefully, if you are a carpal tunnel sufferer this ergonomic mouse design will give you carpal tunnel relief and reduce your carpal tunnel symptoms.

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