Carpal tunnel syndrome and diabetes

Is there a LINK between carpal tunnel syndrome and diabetes? Is it a cause or a risk factor?..... The answer is YES and YES!

A risk factor is something that predisposes you or makes it easier for you to get a disease.

A cause is a direct link or reason for getting a condition or disease.

Take for example, that a cold virus causes colds, right? And being around other people with colds who are coughing, sneezing etc..makes it easier for you to catch a you could say that being around those other people is a risk factor for you getting a cold. Although the actual virus is the cause.

It seems DIABETES and even PRE-DIABETES (a condition that marks the begining of diabetes-like problems, although by strict lab criteria you technically don't have diabetes, YET!)..both of these conditions make it easier for you to get carpal tunnel syndrome. (Just what we need, something easier to get a bad thing!)

Carpal tunnel syndrome and diabetes and nerve damage

Diabetes seems to effect the structure and function of the nerves (Diabetic neuropathy) more so than just swelling or retaining fluid in the carpal tunnel. The nerves themselves become damaged and don't function normally.

Carpal tunnel syndrome and diabetes, the connection

Researchers from the Kings College in London have discovered that people with carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) may be more LIKELY to develop diabetes than someone WITHOUT CTS. And kind of on the flip-side of that there was an interesting study showing that if you are FIRST DIAGNOSED with CTS that in 10 years you may be DIAGNOSED with DIABETES.

The London study looked at over 2,500 pre-diabetic patients who later went on to develop diabetes. Over 1/3 (36%) of the pre-diabetic patients developed carpal tunnel syndrome up to 10 years earlier before developing diabetes. In other words as you are being [WORKED-UP] for carpal tunnel syndrome you need to MAKE SURE your healthcare provider checks you for diabetes/pre-diabetes.

If you have carpal tunnel syndrome don't forget the LINK with diabetes, AND if you have diabetes don't forget about how it can put you AT RISK for getting CTS.

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