Carpal tunnel surgery
Recovery Room

Carpal tunnel surgery recovery room TIP # 1

Regardless of what type of CARPAL TUNNEL PROCEDURE you had, you probably will be transfered to a recovery room of some kind. Also for clarification, carpal tunnel surgery is also known as a carpal tunnel release (CTR).

MOST all carpal tunnel surgeries are "same day" or "out-patient" surgeries.

In this room, you may be with other people who have had other surgeries that day. Nurses and other healthcare providers will be available to assist you with any problems or concerns. You will be kept here until they feel you have recovered enough to go home. This is usually within a couple of hours. (depending on the type of anesthesia you recieved)

Carpal tunnel surgery recovery room TIP # 2

If your carpal tunnel release was performed under General Anesthesia (meaning you were put to sleep) just be aware that it's not uncommon to "shiver" during the initial recovery period after your surgery. If it does happen, tell the recovery room nurse, they can give you medication that will stop the shivering. Also good Ol' warm blankets should be available which should make you feel more comfortable right away.
Carpal tunnel surgery recovery room TIP # 3

It's also not uncommon after surgeries for some patients to experience Nausea. It's usually related to the anesthesia medications used during your procedure. It shouldn't last too long, but again tell the nurse and you can be given a medication to help with your nausea, if it doesn't resolve on its own. As mentioned in RECOVERY TIME FROM CARPAL TUNNEL SURGERY you should expect some pain and swelling and a feeling of tightness in the palm and wrist area.

Carpal tunnel surgery recovery room TIP # 4 You should be discharged home with pain medication which should help you with your pain and swelling, and it should enable you get a good nights sleep. You will obviously need someone to drive you home and more than likely you will need help with tasks around the home until you are able to do more for yourself.

Now that you know more of what to expect, hopefully your carpal tunnel surgery and recovery room experience will be a positive one. Remember, your recovery room team is there to help you so that you can get better and move on to your next stage of healing. If your not sure about something, don't be afraid to ask questions.

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