How to choose the
Best Carpal tunnel surgeon

How can you find a well-trained, qualified, experienced carpal tunnel surgeon? These tips can help you make an informed decision.

Tips on how to choose the Best carpal tunnel specialist

Friends. If you know someone who's had a carpal tunnel release surgery, talk to him or her about it. Although you may not want to base it just on one friend's experience, since every patient is different and so is every surgery, but it may at least help you narrow the search down.

Doctors. Your family doctor or provider should be able to recommend a good carpal tunnel surgeon. Ask your doctor how many patients he has referred to this surgeon and what feedback they offered later. Ask whether the doctor would send a family member to this surgeon. If the surgeon is really a good surgeon that's great, however, if they are just golfing buddies that's another matter. Don't be shy to ask..are you guys friends socially...if they are both good doctors, then this should not offend either one of them.

Nurses. If you know a nurse from church or your kid's school that works at hospitals or clinics, you can probably get an informed opinion on carpal tunnel surgeons he or she knows or has worked with.

Hospitals. Call a respected hospital in your town and ask for names of board-certified hand surgeons. (Orthopedic, Plastic or Neurosurgeons who perform carpal tunnel surgery). Be sure to ask for the names of doctors who have privileges (offical approval) to do the particular procedure you're considering.

OrthoFind. This is a great feature our website offers and it can help patients in the United States and Canada find board-certified orthopedic surgeons in you town!

Paid Advertising You can find many surgeons in the yellow pages and other advertising sources. But keep in mind that doctors can list themselves under any specialty heading they like and can advertise any services they want to sell, regardless of their training or credentials. They should only list the logo of the AAOS (American Association/Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons) if they are a member in good standing. If they are displaying the AAOS logo in their ad, then they should show up in OrthoFind directory.

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