Carpal tunnel yoga

Carpal tunnel yoga techniques can give some people carpal tunnel pain relief of their symptoms. Different yoga postures designed to strengthen, stretch and balance the joints in the upper body can sometimes reduce pain and increase grip strength.

A study with 42 carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) patients underwent 8 weeks of yoga treatments versus wrist splinting. The yoga exercises consisted of 11 yoga postures designed for strengthening, stretching, and balancing each joint in the upper body along with relaxation techniques twice a week.

Patients in the carpal tunnel syndrome yoga group had significant pain reduction compared with patients in the wrist splint only group. It's also possible that some type of carpal tunnel exercises could help as well, after the carpal tunnel yoga treatment has ended.

Carpal tunnel pain relief and symptom relief often lasted up to 4 weeks after stopping the yoga treatments.

Again, like some of the other alternative treatments I have discussed on, I don't see any harm in patients trying yoga for a period of time to see if it will help give them carpal tunnel relief.

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