Hand symptom diagram

As part of a carpal tunnel test or exam, some studies have shown that the HAND SYMPTOM DIAGRAM test (AKA the Katz hand diagram) is more accurate at diagnosing carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) than the more well known TINELS and PHALENS TESTS

The patient is provided with a hand symptom diagram form that shows outlines of the arm and hand surfaces (back of hand and the palm side of the hand). The patient identifies areas of discomfort characterizing them as pain, numbness, tingling or "other", on each hand diagram form.

The Katz hand diagram test results are termed
probable, possible, or unlikely,
depending upon the specified criteria.

A.Diagram-rated classic carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) for both hands; nerve conduction tests confirmed bilateral CTS. B. Diagram-rated probable because of symptoms in palm; nerve conduction test revealed right CTS. C. Diagram-rated unlikeley; nerve conduction test showed ulnar neuropathy.

The Katz or hand symptoms diagram test is an easy and pain free test that is at least as good or accurate at diagnosing CTS as the Tinel's and Phalen's tests and studies have shown that when used together,accuracy increases in diagnosing CTS.

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