Nerve glide exercises

The purpose of nerve glide exercises is to maintain flexibility of the nerves and ligaments. If you remember from Anatomy of the carpal tunnel. The median nerve runs through the carpal tunnel canal in the wrist. The tunnel is made up of wrist bones on 3 sides and it is enclosed on top by a thick ligament called the transverse carpal ligament.

IF increased or abnormal pressure is placed on the median nerve for prolonged periods of time, from various Causes, you eventually can get carpal tunnel symptoms. Therefore, it is important and often helpful to maintain flexibility of the nerves and ligaments in the wrist area.

I also need to stress here that keeping your tendons and median nerve from being crimped or bent while you sleep (often for 6-9 hrs) is of the upmost importance. You should be sleeping in a high quality and comfortable Night splint. This is a splint made especially for this purpose which allows the tendons and nerves to be stretched and it keeps the wrist in the neutral position.

You should not try to sleep in regular carpal tunnel braces. Now don't get me wrong, they are excellent for their intended purpose as these type of braces or supports are typically designed for daytime type activities. Also as a practical aside, they are probably going to get more sweaty and dirtier than your night splints. So I have a couple of carpal tunnel braces that I use for "work" and I have my Night splint that I keep nice and clean.

After doing these nerve glide exercises, it is a good idea to massage in a Pain relieving of gel or cream product to your carpal tunnel area. They help reduce the pain and inflammation of your tendons by working locally..right where you need it most! I have only included the ones I recommend and think are the best and strongest.

When doing these nerve gliding exercises, move directly through the positions 1-6, performing 5 "cycles" 3-4 times each day.


Nerve glide exercises are an important part of a carpal tunnel exercise program.

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