Reasons not to have
carpal tunnel surgery

We will now look at the Reasons NOT to have carpal tunnel surgery, or at least delay in having the procedure done. If you have not done so, Please read "Should I have carpal tunnel surgery?" where we looked at the 6 most important questions you need to ask yourself and your doctor before having carpal tunnel surgery.

Reasons NOT to have carpal tunnel surgery

1) Nonsurgical or conservative treatment has relieved or is helping your carpal tunnel symptoms.

2) Your hand surgeon or primary care doctor is
unsure of your carpal tunnel syndrome diagnosis. 3) There is no guarantee of success with carpal tunnel surgery. In rare cases your carpal tunnel syndrome or the symptoms of pain and numbness may return.

4) As with any surgery, there is a risk of complications.

For most carpal tunnel surgeries the rate is about 3-5 % for things like infection, injury to nerves, blood vessels or tendons; or anesthesia-related problems.

5) Although uncommon, if your thumb muscles have already been severely weakened or wasted away (called atrophy) to a point where surgery may not benefit you much it worth the risk of surgery?

6) Recent article from Duke University Orthopedic department
Don't Rush into carpal tunnel surgery

Again, like with the article "Should I have carpal tunnel surgery?" there are going to be other factors that come into play regarding Reasons Not to have carpal tunnel surgery that only may pertain to your specific case. But I think these things as listed above are the main deciding factors regarding carpal tunnel syndrome and whether or not you should have carpal tunnel surgery.

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