Carpal tunnel laser therapy

Like some other alternative treatments for carpal tunnel, Mayo clinic states that carpal tunnel laser therapy is controversial. This carpal tunnel treatment uses low-intensity laser light directed through the skin at the median nerve. Some doctors feel this is safe and cost effective alternative to carpal tunnel surgery, especially when used within the first year that you have carpal tunnel symptoms.

The laser beam is directed at several points along the median nerve during the course of several treatments. Some studies report that carpal tunnel laser therapy (AKA laser acupuncture) gives some people significant long-term relief from carpal tunnel symptoms.

However, it's not clear if laser therapy can reduce pressure in the carpal tunnel canal and no long-term results have been reported. And I have not seen any good studies comparing it to good conservative carpal tunnel treatments.

The Mayo clinic article goes on to say that many doctors are skeptical. Carpal tunnel laser treatment isn't a widely accepted treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome, or carpal tunnel symptoms for that matter. This type of laser treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome should not be considered a cure!

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