carpal tunnel treatments

Many people that are interested in alternative treatments feel that chiropractors carpal tunnel treatments can help relieve their carpal tunnel symptoms.The methods most chiropractors use to treat carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) include manipulation of the wrists, elbows and upper spine, as well as ultrasound therapy and wrist supports.

Two chiropractic ran studies support the use of chiropractors carpal tunnel treatments.

In the first study,25 patients diagnosed with CTS reported significant improvements in several areas of strength, range of motion and pain after receiving chiropractic treatments. Most of these improvements lasted for at least 6 months. However, be cautious if a chiropractic doctor tells you he can cure your carpal tunnel syndrome.

The second study compared the effects of chiropractor carpal tunnel treatments with conservative care (wrist supports and Motrin). Among 91 people with CTS. Both groups experienced significant improvement in nerve function, finger sensation, and carpal tunnel pain relief. The researchers concluded that chiropractic treatment and conservative medical care are equally effective for people with carpal tunnel symptoms.

The Mayo clinic's offical stance thus far, states that chiropractor carpal tunnel treatments use several manipulative therapies including stripping, massage, transverse friction massage, skin rolling, tissue stretching, muscle exercises and joint manipulation. But they feel most research concludes that none of these are effective.

Since one of their own studies show that conservative carpal tunnel treatment is just as effective as chiropractic treatments, it seems reasonable that this should be tried first. It typically will be a whole lot less expensive in the long run.

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