Tendon Glide Exercises

The purpose of tendon glide exercises is to increase the circulation to the hand and wrist which in turn reduces swelling and promotes healthier soft tissue (muscle, ligaments and tendons). All of which will hopefully reduce your carpal tunnel symptoms!

Keeping the tendons moving freely within the carpal tunnel is the primary goal of these exercises. They are not intended to build hand or wrist strength (those are discussed elsewhere).

Some of my patients initially think that these simple looking exercises won't do anything, but if they stick with them and do them regulary along with the other exercises and nonsurgical treatments , such as wearing Night splints to sleep in and using carpal tunnel braces during day time activities along with using Pain relieving creams, gels and ice wraps, they will eventually start to feel and see a difference in their carpal tunnel symptoms.

These "gliding" exercises will also help maintain good finger and wrist range of motion.

It is very important to follow the sequence outlined below.Do 5 "cycles" 3 or 4 times each day

Tendon glide exercises and Nerve glide exercises can be a beneficial part of a carpal tunnel exercise program at the workplace as well.

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